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SHiFT will happen on 15, 16 and 17 October 2008.

SHiFT happens in in Lisbon, Portugal and includes a full day of workshops (Day 1) and two awesome conference days (Day 2 and Day 3). To find out more, just browse through our Programme or look over into our Schedule.


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We have invited a fabulous list of speakers and booked a great venue so register now and join us in a great event.


SHiFT has always been about emerging technologies, whether they’re the latest internet trend or the latest social or engineering development.


This year's edition is devoted to Transient Technologies , in the sense that technology is breaking up with it's digital boundaries and it's becoming a vital part of a lot of the things we do and interact with in our daily lives.


This year's edition will try to cover the role and impact of technology in such different fields Education , History, Genetics, Economics, Acessibility, Transportation, Mobile Technologies, User Experience, Energy and Architecture, Art and Open Technologies.

Workshops on Day 1

Day 1 is entirely dedicated to free workshops . Basicaly entire morning or afternoon sessions where you'll be able to discuss or learn something.


We're still collecting ideas for workshops to have on that day, so if you'd like to give one or yet again see a particular one happen, just use the sessions proposal form to let us know about it!


SHiFT is open for participation.

If you wish to present something, deliver a workshop or simply demo something you've been working on, please register and let us know and propose a session .

Promote & Sponsor

Make SHiFT a true happening by helping us spread the word. Use one of the official badges of SHiFT 2008 on your blog or website.

SHiFT is run by sponsorships and fees from participants. If you'd like to sponsor SHiFT please have a look at our Sponsorship pack or drop us an email to

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SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas For Technology

15 to 17 October 2008



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